Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Exploring Second Life Again

So now that I'm a free spirit again, I've taken to exploring the lovely and fascinating creations of others in SL. For those unfamiliar with this virtual world, everything you see in SL has been created by a member of SL. The realistic scenery and attention to detail never fails to leave me astounded. I understand only the basics of computers, and seeing that someone had added scripts and graphics to a round ball that will make one's avatar dance in a realistic and enviable manner is something I still haven't tired of.

Just as in real life, many of my friends in SL are male. I enjoy their energy, masculine viewpoints, and yes...attention. Most of them, when they discover that a woman has been hurt, will make more than a valiant effort to erase that hurt.

The first person I thought of to cheer Alastriona was Trent, a friendly, intelligent, humorous, and sometimes impish guy I met through another avatar I'd created. We met while lying on camping towels on the beach. Camping items in SL are designed to help one make lindens, though at a relatively low rate. Most pay a couple of lindens per 10-30 minutes spent on them. Most also require that you stay with your avatar in order to stay on them and that can get quite boring without someone to chat with. Trent and I chatted at length, until we got kicked off of the towels without pay. We later learned that this particular Sim had disappeared. SL is ever-changing, which is a bonus for explorers.

After that I went back to Alastriona, my original avatar, but I missed Trent. When I came across him in the coffee shop I frequented, I introduced him to Alastriona and we've been great friends since.

So last Sunday, he took me exploring again, something we did often before I got so serious with Eli. Trent is, without a doubt, an explorer on SL and he finds the most amazing places. On Sunday, we went to an underwater maze and dressed as mermaid and merman. We swam the maze, getting lost more than once and marvelled at the little details, like sea creatures, seaweed, and sunken ships. We took pictures of ourselves and chatted with a photographer who happened upon us in that maze and was just as lost as we were.

We went back to Tempura Island, one of my first discoveries in SL, and he showed me hidden spots I'd never discovered. We danced in a field of beautiful pink flowers and cuddled in the top of a tree.

It's good to be a free spirit again. I've missed exploring with my friends. The adventure continues....

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