Saturday, December 20, 2008

Adventures in Second Life

In the spirit of Lady Godiva, Alastriona and Wilder (Trent's alternate avatar) went horseback riding in the nude. I must say, even in a virtual world, that was quite liberating and fun. An advantage to riding nude in a virtual world is that one doesn't have to worry about such things as chafing or, worse yet, an arrest for indecent exposure.

When we got stuck at the top of the castle, (see pic) we simply flew our horses down to the bottom of the mountain. That's not exactly something one can do in real life.

My virtual friends and I find ourselves envious of the advantages of our avatars quite often. When one got separated from his wife in a throng of mall Christmas shoppers, he yelled out "Just tp me!" In SL, tp is short for teleport. She, of course, had no idea what he meant.

In the other picture, Wilder and I are dancing at Sinatra Falls, a favorite dance spot, where they play the great crooners...Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, and Nat King Cole, to name a few. It's just one of a few great places that Trent found in his explorations. For those unfamiliar with Second Life, the pink and blue balls in the background are poseballs, which animate the avatars to dance, have sex, and sit/lie in various positions.

I mentioned in my first post that I would explain SL sex. As with real life sex, there are many variations, according to preference. The avatars hop on the poseballs and enter into their own virtual state of bliss, complete with multiple positions and even facial expressions. The avatar owners can simply watch and enjoy or interact with each other through chat as in cyber sex or, for the bold, voice chat, which is much like phone sex, with the addition of visual stimuli.

I've heard a group of men polled on SL rated the sex here as ten times better than the best porn they'd seen. I suppose the advantage to SL sex is that you get the visual with the bonus of a real person on the other end. If you're fortunate enough to interact with an intelligent person who has an incredible imagination, then you are in for a highly stimulating experience. The possibilities are endless. There are poseballs for threesomes, foursomes, orgies, lesbians, and gays. A common theme on SL is BDSM. One only has to go to Xcite (a popular sexual animation shop) to hear various Master/slave fantasies being played out, as avatars shop for genitalia. I'm not sure I've been in there without witnessing a submissive/slave attempting to please their Dom/Master.

Now this is one area where real life has the advantage. In the real world, most of us come equipped with our sexual parts and have no need to shop for them. We are also most thankful, in the real world, that men don't have to attach their sexual organs before the act. Of course, the advantage in a virtual world is the absence of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. No condoms are needed there.

Everyone is different when it comes to sexual preferences, but I've found that I prefer getting to know the person behind the avatar before hopping onto a poseball with them. Just like her owner, Alastriona lost her virginity with a relative stranger, out of sheer curiosity but she wishes she'd waited to share it with someone more special.:)

More than once, I've found that Second Life can be a mirror to my real life experiences. That is why one must treat this as more than simply a game. As I've said before, the experiences here can be powerful. Be careful how you treat others and, most importantly, yourself in this amazing virtual world.

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