Saturday, June 27, 2009

Places of Interest

I took a hiatus from SL for awhile and wasn't sure if I'd ever come back. I just got caught up in trying to survive in my RL and found little time for SL. I missed my SL friends and tried to check in with them now and again. Bysen Boa, it seems, has also taken a hiatus from SL. We chatted a few times and caught up with each other's lives but I haven't seen him much lately. Wilder Gothly has a girlfriend. I met her recently and she seems very nice. I caught up with G46 Grut and found out he has a place in Wyoming now. Cahn Snook is still single and thinks SL is boring without a mate. I plan to prove him wrong on that idea. Effie Emmons has a new store and a new boyfriend. The rest of my SL friends are MIA.

Since coming back, I've met a few new people and look forward to developing those relationships.

I'm also exploring again. This morning, I found the Chelsea Hotel and visited room 215, which Bob Dylan stayed in once upon a time (See above pic). Other famous guests include North Carolina's own Thomas Wolfe, Eugene O'Neil, Arthur C. Clarke, Janis Joplin, Leonard Cohen and the infamous couple Sid and Nancy, to name a few.

The attention to detail in SL architecture and scenery still amazes me. Room 215 of the hotel has a sign out that reads "Reserved for Bob Dylan." Inside the room, a picture of him hangs on the wall and a guitar is propped against the wall. In Sid and Nancy's room, there is a blood stain leading from the bed to the bathroom, a gory reminder of Nancy's tragic end.(See pic above)

I look forward to exploring more interesting locations in SL. If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to IM me.

For now, I must go finish the redecoration of Alastriona's beach house. Drop by anytime. Visitors are always welcome.