Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Land Owner

After much thought, I decided to buy some land for Alastriona. I was tired of the limited prims that typically come with renting houses. In my old rental, I was limited to 350 prims and that builds up really quickly. I redecorated the rental and found it very difficult to stay within the prim limit. My landlord did agree to let me increase my prim limit for an additional amount on my rent each month. My rent was 800L a week and I quickly pushed it close to 1000L by adding more prims. My landlord, being busy, never put the additional charge on my rent. I looked at what I was to pay each week and thought "Why not just purchase a small square of land?"

I shopped around and happened upon a great deal at Tribe Islands. Alexxa Despress was very helpful with my many questions and I made the purchase relatively quickly. I picked a great time to drop in at Tribe Islands as they were having a 50% off sale. I'm paying a little more each month to be a landowner but the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.

For starters, I have lots more privacy. I have my own little corner of paradise, tucked between boulders, a waterfall, and palm trees. I have more prims to play with and already find myself maxed out.:) I think I have one prim left at the moment, but I've had the freedom to decorate as I wanted and did I ever have fun! Perhaps I should consider interior design in RL.;)

When I ran out of space for a bathroom, I bought a Japanese bath house and placed it behind the main house. It makes for a cozy, romantic retreat.

I found the neatest little place that sells herbs, something I'm passionate about in RL. Here's the URL for those who are interested in checking it out:

I suppose if shopping were as easy in RL as it is in SL, I'd have no problems being an interior decorator. It's always nice to be able to teleport anywhere you'd like. I simply do a search for the items I'm looking for and then teleport there. Imagine how much easier RL would be, if this were possible.

I was fortunate to stumble upon the store of my dreams, which features Shabby Chic items, something I incorporate into my RL decorating theme. I spoke with one of the owners, Aurora Jacks, and found her to be very nice and helpful. We share a RL love of Shabby Chic. Here's the URL for those interested in beautiful and quality furnishings for their SL homes:

I invite all of my friends, old and new, to stop by and see my new place. Perhaps I'll have a party soon.:)